A well-known luxurious Indonesian designer Sebastian Gunawan proudly presents the second season of tableware collection with Zen Tableware. Inspired by the Goddess sanctuary, Arcadia is taken from a Greek language Arkadia a place where the Gods live filled with harmony.

Sebastian Gunawan launches Arcadia collection with a new concept of elegance. Combination of three main colours component, White, Blue and Yellow, each of this colour represent its own meaning of harmony. White that symbolizes purity, blue is calm and the warmness of yellow colour, the concept of this design brings a sense of peace that merge into a beautiful tableware artwork.

Implementing elements of his creative signature design this complete set tableware is meant to bring feeling of serenity, peaceful and passion to your home and dinning table. The perfect combination of fine quality tableware and the uniqueness of its detail are the strongest image of this collaboration. This collection is completed with a set of tableware from mug, teapot, cake stand, bowl, and variety of plate, this collection is perfect to harmonize your table setting.

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