About Us

Zen is a porcelain tableware that has been recognized by its reputation as a manufacturer of premium quality, beautifully designed and luxurious porcelain tableware with good quality. Another advantage is that zen is free from hazardous chemicals (lead free) besides that it is also safe for microwave & dishwasher. Zen porcelain tableware is also known as the whitest porcelain color and has a diverse and complete product range. Zen porcelain tableware also uses premium raw materials with 3 stages of burning: Biscuit kiln (900 °), Gloss Kiln (1300 °), & decoration in glaze (1250 °) to produce a product that is strong and resistant to scratches.
Zen also often attracts the best designers in the country to collaborate, one of the examples is Sebastian Gunawan & Ghea Panggabaean, who elevate Indonesian tradition and culture to tableware. In addition, Zen has other advantages in terms of design, shape and color which make Zen products increasingly a choice.
This year Zen also just received a Hallal certificate from the MUI, making Zen the only tableware that has a Hallal certificate in Indonesia.
To get Zen products, you can visit our showrooms in several branches spread across Indonesia, namely: Bandung, Jogja, Bali, and Balikpapan, which can also be found at several Department stores such as SEIBU and SOGO. And you can also visit our official website at www.zentableware.com .